Apr 022013

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site, as an Artist I enjoy and feel every photo I have captured because each moment has been an exciting new step in my path to how I have seen things and what is to come but to also bring to light just a taste of life in another part of the world.
Family, music and laughter have helped me to enjoy more of the life around me and produce some amazing pieces of San Antonio History.
My work comes from observing and waiting for the right moment to snap. I have no fears getting into the thick of things to capture in motion shots.
I travel Internationally for clients but to also document each place I visit and create exhibit series for Galleries in NYC , San Antonio and GTO, MX.
I am very passionate about my Art due to mother being an amazing artist and supporting me in my adventures & I’m super excited to share it with the world .

Oct 042013

Hello friends….  I have been keeping busy with lots of  new projects but the one I can give you info about  is about, Dr Robert Lowry and his family as he is running for congress, I have already started working on promos and portraits and now will be assisting on other campaign duties and am [...]

Mar 022013

I have spent the past 2 years traveling , gathering photos, documenting NYC & Australia and soaking up the time, food while creating amazing memories & making  mates/friends and then coming home with some interesting stories of my own to share with my family and then onto you. I am ready to get back to [...]

Dec 282012
Examiner Article - Winning Poster - 29th-tejano-conjunto-festival

The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center unveiled the official poster for the 29th Tejano Conjunto Festival en San Antonio 2010 earlier this week, and announced the festival entertainment line-up. Created by photographer Venessa Hill, the poster was the Winner in the Overall Category of the 29th Tejano Conjunto Festival Poster Contest. Hill receives a $1,000 award. [...]